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Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Investment Management

We offer all investment products and services including retirement plans, education savings plan, investment loans, investment funds, Tax Free Saving Accounts (TFSA), and more

Retirement Planning

Plan for retirement and understand the potential impact taxes have on your retirement income. Design and build retirement tax strategy.

Financial Education

We provide financial education to individuals (in one-on-one settings) groups, lectures, webinars, blog posts, and videos

Fiduciary Advice

We provide fiduciary advice. As such we search for the best products and rates for your financial needs.

Wide Array of Insurance Policies

Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Health, Travel, Fraud, and Group benefits.

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Our Mission Is to Build the Foundation of a Secure Future

Financial security is all about smart ways to make money, secure it, protect your wealth, and transfer it to your beneficiaries in the most effective way.

Helping you achieve your goals at all stages of life


Working together to build a better future


It's all about you

You are a unique, your financial situation is unique and require a personalized financial security plan. Before putting a plan together it’s important to get to know the unique you.

Current lifestyle

The things you do today impact your future. By looking at your current lifestyle we are be able to identify if you are on track towards your future aspirations and goals.

A look into the future?

Your needs and aspirations for the future have an impact on your current and future Financial Security. Understanding your view of your future lifestyle, career, family growth, business aspirations and retirement help set the actions to create your future.


Financial security planning

Looking at your today situation vs. where you want to be in the future is key when analyzing your financial ability to bridge between them. This is where our analysis and planning come to place.

Implementing financial security plan

Once a plan is in place you choose if to take an action, implement it and put into motion. This stage the most crucial step in the process toward financial security.

Regular reviews

Life changes quickly and we will review your plan on a regular basis. We can adjust your plan as you grow towards your future.

Canadians with a financial security plan


Are feeling on track with their plan


Have confidence in their retirement plan


Are better position to save more


Feel they are ready for financial emergency