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Comprehensive and practical financial advice for all life stages

Financial planning
Estate planning
Group benefits

We offer a range of policies for individuals, families, & businesses

Providing Coverage for All Aspects of life

Analysis – Client’s current situation, analyzing financial status covering: budget, cash flow, net worth, and investment profile.
Planning – Goal based planning for retirement, next generation education, major purchases, financial growth, and estate planning.
Securing – Needs based protection for the future generation, your income, yourself, business buy sell strategies, long term care, health, travel, and fraud protection.
Group benefits – Provide group plans services from major Canadian providers.

Our Mission

Provide comprehensive financial advice to individuals, families, and business.

Securing our clients financial wellbeing by analyzing, planning and execution of their unique financial needs.

Our Vision

Help anyone with their financial a financial security plan and fulfillment.

Coverage provided

Clients advised to


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What We Offer

Our service finds the best financial products for your needs and goals

General Insurance Policies

Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Health, Travel, Fraud, and Group benefits.

Premium Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing state of the art customer service to all our clients

Customized Plans

we tailor each plan based on our client unique needs analysis.

Fraud Detection & Warnings

Proactive identity theft and credit management service

Online Policy and Investment Management

All our providers provide digital access to manage your policies and investments

Low Rates & Best Quality

We provide fiduciary advice. As such you search for the best rates for your financial products based on your needs

Our Experts Advisors

David Zohar

Financial Security Advisor | Group insurance plans | Investment representative

David provide his clients with financial security answers for all of life’s stages. Whether your financial goals include buying a home, paying for a child’s education, building a successful business, or retiring comfortably, David can help you get there.

David’s career spans across multiple business disciplines including financial services, general management, sales, marketing, professional services, engineering, and operations. His knowledge coupled with his strategic management experience enables him to simplify complex problems and provide solutions to achieve goals.

Some of the companies David worked for are: Freedom 55 Financial, Microsoft, Excel Data (CompuCom), Interwise (AT&T), and others.

David holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Management and an Associate Degree in Aviation Technology. He loves motorcycles and boats, but most of all he loves his family and helping others.

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