No Medical and Simplified Issue Life Insurance

Aapply online for up to a maximum of $750,000 of CPP life insurance with Canada Protection Plan (CPP)

Are you hard to insure? Ever been decliened or rated?


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No Medical & Simplified Issue Life Insurance

Coverage up to $750,000 for No Medical & Simplified Issue Life Insurance plans.
CPP do not ask if you’ve been declined life insurance in the past, nor do you need to go for a medical exam. This means total convenience, enabling you to get protected no matter your health condition or if you require coverage quickly.

If you’re wondering whether you need life insurance, chances are you do.

From covering mortgage payments, debts, leaving a gift to a favourite cause, covering final expenses or simply knowing that your family will be provided for, having a life insurance policy in place is one of the most important and lasting investments that you can make. A good place to start is to do a needs analysis using an Insurance Calculator. This helps in order to find out how much coverage you (and those that depend on you) will require and for how long.

Most plans available with no needles, doctor reports or medical exams

You may be surprised at how affordable it can be.