Identity Theft

Protect yourself from Canada’s Fastest Growing Crime…

Starting from $13.25/month (annual plan)


Credit Bureau Monitoring

Includes 24/7 monitoring of your Credit Bureau File, searching for changes to any of the 14 key elements of your file and then reporting those changes to you, including: New Inquiry, New Trade, Credit Limit Changes, etc.


Alert Notifications

Based on any reported changes in your Credit Bureau File, you will be sent an electronic notification, allowing you to verify the change through your personal dashboard.


Unlimited Credit Reports

Immediate access to your TransUnion Credit Report with updates available every thirty days. This allows you to benchmark your credit worthiness and track all subsequent activity.


Unlimited Credit Scores

Immediate access to your Credit Score, providing a snapshot of your current credit worthiness, based on an algorithmic evaluation of common factors that are used by lenders to assess credit worthiness.


In the event that you become a victim of Identity Theft, Horizons Guard provides full restoration (including Limited Power of Attorney, if requested) to restore your identity.

Family Plan Protection

Your Horizons Guard Family Plan includes protection for 2 Adults and up to 5 children under the age of majority, all living at the same address.

About Horizons Guard

A proactive identity theft and credit management service

Specifically designed for Canadians by Canadians, Horizons Guard offers the most compressive suite of credit management and identity theft protection services on the market.
Powered by Collinson Group-idAlerts, Horizons Guard monitors key elements of your financial and personal profile through its direct integration with the credit bureau, keeping you informed of any changes… putting you in control.

Million people in Canada experienced cybercrime


Of Canadians were impacted by an online security threat or know someone who was

Billion Dollars spent by cybercrime victims dealing with consequences

Hours is the average time it takes to restore identity theft

Horizons Guard.

The reality is that you cannot stop identity thieves from stealing your identity, but you can stop them from using it with… Horizons Guard.


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