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Do I really need insurance and why should I get one?

To answer this question, think about the following example:

Let’s say that you love driving, however driving impose some sort of a risk i.e. accident. You have the following alternatives relating to the risk:

  1. Do nothing – you keep the driving and if something happen you have to pay the consequences
  2. Avoid the risk – stop driving as you don’t want to take any risk
  3. Transfer the risk – pay a small premium that if an accident happens someone else is paying for the consequences.

Which option do you prefer? What would you do?

Insurance is a method of transferring the risk to someone else and there are some ways to make this transfer generate some wealth for you in the long run.

Now, let us ask what is the most important thing to you and how you reduce or transfer the risk associated with it?

Policy types
“TERM” and “PERMANENT” are the two main types of life insurance. Each type there are various of sub-types and variations such as
Term 10
Term 20
term 30
Term To 100
Whole Life
Universal Life
and much more
Difference between a "PERMANENT" & "TERM"
“Term Insurance”
Temporary protection
No cash value
Expire before the age of 85

“Permanent Insurance”
Coverage for life
can accumulate cash value

“Whole Life”
Limited investment options and dividends
Based on the insurance company performance

“Universal Life”
Range of investment choices
Mutual Funds
Bond Funds

Life Insurance cost
Premiums are based on:
Older age = higher cost
Exceptional health = Preferred rates
Poor health = rated policy (cost increase)
Extreme health issue = declined
Critical Illness

A one-time lump sum payment for a critical illness
If survives 30 days after diagnosis (cancer 90 days)


  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Might cover up to 25 illnesses
Provides monthly income in the event of injury preventing the client from caring the regular duties of their work.
Coverage amount is based on income prior to disability.

Policies type:

  • Accident only
  • Accident and illness

Benefit might go to age 65 (some policies)

Protect your future, your income, and yourself

Life Insurance, Critical Illness Plan, and Disability plans

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